Chrome-Fusion v2.00.03 for use with PHP v7 & MySQLi v8 Thursday, 07 July 2022 12:18:41
Chrome-Fusion v2.00.03 is the original PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 released in 2013,
but modified by Patrick Kruse in Germany for use with PHP v7 & MySQLi v8

In addition to the stock PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 released in 2013, Patrick has added the following to his Chrome-Fusion CMS:

  • Moderators (in addition to the administrators)
  • SMTP encryption (TLS / STARTTLS / SSL)
  • Separate email addresses for the administrator and system emails
  • PHP 7.1.x support
  • PHP 7.2.x support
  • This package (v2.00.03) contains the following changes / bug fixes:

  • Return to the original setup routine of PHP Fusion 7.02.07
  • PHP 7.2.x support (but works fine on my website running PHP v7.4.0)
  • Page administrator with "USER_ID == 1" can edit and delete appointed pages administrator
  • BUGFIX: Page moderators are now displayed moderator area instead of admin area under User-> Moderator "Moderator password" instead of "Admin password"
  • BUGFIX: in the admin area in the "Navigation Panel" "Moderation overview" is now displayed for moderators instead of "Administration overview"
  • BUGFIX: If a moderator has not yet specified a moderator password (admin password), the correct term is now "You have not yet set a moderator password ......"referred to
  • As always, it's best to download these files directly from Patrick's Chrome-Fusion website, as that way you can see any new releases that he posts & which I haven't discovered yet.

    However, you can also download them from me below, in case you cannot reach Patrick's site (click on the red download buttons or the blue filenames below):

    For use to CLEAN-INSTALL Chrome-Fusion v2.00.03 as a NEW INSTALLATION

    Timestamp: 16 Jan 2022 05:20:52
    Version: 2.00.03
    Size: 7,165 KB
    MD5: 94335eddb100f2c84a342e41a03437a2
    SHA-1: a4278b3aa0755f690a032c3f9a564b5b9a55f32c
    SHA-256: c1cb8ecb36f07c22c06238f206164e9da4c494aa5524e98ef12377d2744c9428
    SHA-512: 749dfb365094c994cd72e6fbe72c43c9281f93f286dd734a78f4c259b1c1d5f090971525df1df49b6166a6d3887715f1a94901714ee9952d16259a04a3f1172d

    Note: Before installing, please read the README.

    For use to UPDATE an EXISTING Chrome-Fusion v2 installation to v2.00.03

    Timestamp: 16 Jan 2022 05:20:43
    Filename: Chrome-Fusion_v2.00.03 -
    Version: 2.00.03
    Size: 165 KB
    MD5: 0d1d085850faa1320fb4f965a2bfcd22
    SHA-1: 51bdfeb400d540dba30edd42ba3df521f91ce75d
    SHA-256: 1b520d08fa6f06cc856260dc662a042b641a5e7c3fa5b413a97d867ea66a1c92
    SHA-512: 59ad5ce5bfaa05a7ad97b678ccc8aa9fe8faecfa9f51dfc4e28bcabd1f70030021293e332754244b475f13ae9dd219d7df12c86b780643a230b90ec3fe83e502

    Note: This package contains the update files and an update activator.

    The Update_activator activates the update function in a fresh installation of Chrome-Fusion v2.00.02,
    so that one can update Chrome-Fusion v2.00.01 to Chrome-Fusion v2.00.03.

    Please read the README before installing.

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