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Hi, and welcome to my website.

My name is John and I was born in Bermuda in 1956.

In 1958 we moved to Curaçao, then to Aruba in 1960, and back to Curaçao in 1961 until 1968.

In early 1968 we moved to Canada, and I grew up in Toronto (Etobicoke) & Sudbury, both in Ontario.

When I left school, I got a job as an aircraft mechanic for a small commuter airline in northern Ontario called norOntair (see pictures) which flew Twin Otters, initially operating out of Sudbury and then Timmins... and no, I never met Shania.

During my above time as an aircraft mechanic, although the Twin Otter was my main responsibility as an aircraft mechanic, the following are also aircraft that we had, and that I was an aircraft mechanic on:

Beechcraft Model 18

Cessna Model 310
Model 337 Skymaster
Model 402

Consolidated PBY Canso (Catalina)

De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
DHC-3 Otter
DHC-6 Twin Otter

Douglas DC-3

Me, with Bermuda Helicopters mid-1990s

Me, these days

In 1974 I joined the Canadian Armed Forces (also referred to as the Canadian Forces, but what is now the Royal Canadian Air Force), and the following are places where I was stationed at:

1974-1975 Various training bases in Canada

1975-1979 Canadian Forces Base CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia, Canada
CP-121 Tracker

CT-133 Silver Star (T-bird)

CH-135 Twin Huey

CH-124 Sea King

1979-1983 Canadian Forces Base CFB Baden-Söllingen, West Germany with NATO
CF-104D Starfighter

1983-1984 Canadian Forces Base CFB Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
CT-134 Musketeer

CH-136 Kiowa

CT-114 Tutor

1984-1984 Canadian Forces Base CFB Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
CP-121 Tracker

1984-1985 Canadian Forces Base CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada
CP-140 Aurora

1985-1989 Canadian Forces Base CFB Comox, British Columbia, Canada
CP-140 Aurora

CP-121 Tracker

CT-133 Silver Star (T-bird)

1989-1990 Canadian Forces Base CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada
CP-140 Aurora

Canadian Armed Forces bases undergoing training:

Deployments in Canada:

Deployments in the USA:

Deployments worldwide:

Attachments in Europe (while stationed for 4 years in West Germany with NATO):

        • 1982 Canadian Starfighters Air Demonstration Team

Deployments in Europe (while stationed for 4 years in West Germany with NATO):

I retired early from the Canadian Armed Forces & moved back to Bermuda in 1990, to start a second career in IT... as there's not much call for hunting Soviet submarines on civvie street.

I was in Bermuda for more than 31 years, working in IT for various companies, including 13 years with IBM Bermuda (a division of IBM Canada) servicing (repairing) ATM cash machines.

In the early 1990s, I ran my own BBS (Bulletin Board System), which was the precursor to the Internet. My BBS name was Pan-Aurora. Although I was by then retired from the Canadian Armed Forces & now a civilian, the US Navy at United States Naval Air Station (NAS) Bermuda allowed me to join their militray USNASCUG (United States Navy Computer Users Group). When their SysOp (System Operator) got transferred from NAS Bermuda to a Naval Air Station back in the USA, their NASCUG group voted in favour of me becoming their new SysOp. I then ran their Navy BBS for a few years in addition to my own BBS, until the US Navy shut down NAS Bermuda in 1995.

Although in the 1990s I had a part-time job flying a local Bell JetRanger, taking people on helicopter tours around Bermuda. But the helicopter was sold in 1998 due to no business, and I spent the remaining decades in Bermuda flying a desk .

I retired in August 2021, having reached age 65, and as it was too expensive to retire in Bermuda (according to some sources, Bermuda is the most-expensive place in the world to live), I relocated back to Canada, and am living now in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

That's me in the left pic at the top in the 1990s... Captain John - Bermuda Helicopters Ltd. (in civilian flightsuit, NOT military flightsuit), and me today.

That's about it for me...

Canadian Decoration

NATO Special Service

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