phpDVDProfiler v3.8.2.1 fix for use with PHP v7 & MySQLi v8 Friday, 29 September 2023 20:46:15
The original phpDVDProfiler v3.8.2.1 released in 2014, but modified by Julien Mudry for use with PHP v7 & MySQLi v8

This package contains the following notable changes / bug fixes (he has made a few changes, but these are the notable ones):

  • Removed support of MySQL 4.0
  • Added support for MySQL 8
  • Added support for the 4K/UHD media format
  • As always, it's best to download these files directly from the author's websites, as that way you can see any new releases that he posts & which I haven't discovered yet:

  • Julien Mudry's GitHub page (his latest release should be at the top of the page)
  • Julien Mudry's personal website (his latest release should be at the bottom of the page)
  • However, you can also download it from me below, in case you cannot reach the author's site:

    Timestamp: 30 Jan 2020 03:44:14
    Filenames: (phpDVDProfiler download from Julien's GitHub page) (phpDVDProfiler download from Julien's personal website) (phpDVDProfiler download attached to this post)
    Filesize: 1.50 MB
    MD5: 44cf778309bd68c62c0abacf68f5b3cc
    SHA-1: 19fb4d58e9e65ba8603d52b65adaa9229a7f19d4
    SHA-256: a04f142a4dc2b750f5260698620f59f53ba9f7ad4f9d2b44adf127ae6fc2f192
    SHA-512: e0c0a9fd47275732fb98bf7a4e9c00916552e094f0ec84c195b7dfd42e34a0e325ef4d3bfb9ba5e8521a54cb4016cd8c47a6508d6446538d0b057b428a4f87d8

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