PHP-Fusion IUP 1.x for use with PHP v8 & MySQLi v8 Friday, 29 September 2023 22:49:22
The original PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 released in 2013, but modified by Krelli for use with PHP v8 & MySQLi v8

As always, it's best to download these files directly from PHP-Fusion Deutschland, as that way you can see any new releases that they post & which I haven't discovered yet:

However, you can also download it from me below, in case you cannot reach their site:

Timestamp: 01 May 2022 02:43:53
Filename: fusion702-fix_for_php8(iup1_6).zip (IUP 1.6)
Filesize: 14.5 MB
MD5: 8669323fc272a9a2dc0f5eee24e6f60e
SHA-1: 648b0dd9517fd0e6a4c86b2ec5e1c53fd28fa95f
SHA-256: 593fdbecd3e5aeb49594fcc04e0e3448addccef5a376743f7b0478da286ea767
SHA-512: 70016f4b82e20f5380d218094bdc88cea0d02760072db286bee4a3bab3a4611da357577a0fd1f8fa83e11f0dce77ddab47027fd26316cfa846d10a814232ce52

The above IUP 1.6 file contains only the update folders & files, so for clean installs you will need to extract the below IUP 1.5 file first, and then extract the above IUP 1.6 folders & files over top of the below IUP 1.5 ones.

Timestamp: 03 Jan 2022 09:53:01
Filename: fusion702-fix_for_php8(iup1_5).zip (IUP 1.5)
Filesize: 11.3 MB
MD5: c32d14e810905b0ad534a432afc8fa7c
SHA-1: a80ba2f00209586de7cf83579ad7c7f9e4ba553d
SHA-256: c8fbcc84fa6f16101964d78d88475d795f9cf9a347f40ac9a06def4c5b612793
SHA-512: 0efe5b541cbf197ef864627209d52b8bf5ca3816049dca83317b65944a644e55e88d4ba720da1d66ce16225d52faa1c56d7990b2c72a357fd9417aa441913ac4

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