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How to: Access Administrative Shares on Windows (C$)
Date Added: 13.05.18 Visits: 178
How to: Add or Remove Log Off from the Start Menu in Windows
This will show you how to add or remove Log Off from the Normal Start Menu and the Classic Start Menu for all user accounts on the computer.
Date Added: 13.05.18 Visits: 176
How to: Enable or Disable Fast User Switching in Windows
Fast User Switching, or Switch User, is a feature in Windows that allows you to switch to a different computer user account, without closing programs and files first, and then be able to switch back where you left off.
Date Added: 13.05.18 Visits: 195
How to: Remove the Sleep function from the Shutdown Menu in Windows
Here's a way to remove the sleep function in the shutdown menu. It will show how to remove the Sleep option from the Shutdown options.
Date Added: 13.05.18 Visits: 182
Microsoft ISO downloads
From Russia, so use at your own risk.
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