phpDVDProfiler is now compatible with PHP 8

The last version of phpDVDProfiler, v3.8.2.1, was released by Fred way back on 6 Mar 2014.  Since then, there have been no updates.  There have been alternatives since then, however, some of us think that there is nothing else available today that compares with phpDVDProfiler.

The problem, though, is that phpDVDProfiler v3.8.2.1 was written for PHP v5 & MySQL v4.  But PHP is now up to v8, and MySQL is now also up to v8, however, phpDVDProfiler v3.8.2.1 works with neither of them.

So, back in 2019 & early 2020, Julien Mudry in Switzerland rewrote parts of phpDVDProfiler to make it compatible with PHP v7.2.  On 2nd January 2023, Julien released a new version, v_20230102, which is now compatible with PHP v8.

On 8th January 2023, he released a new version, v_20230108, with some bug-fixes & enhancements.

You can download phpDVDProfiler from him here:

Thank you, Fred Whiteside, for a fantastic script.  And thank you, Julien Mudry & Sebastianfor your interest & dedication in keeping phpDVDProfiler up-to-date, so it can work with the latest MySQL v8 and pretty-recent versions of PHP v8.

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