Chrome-Fusion v3 is now compatible with PHP 8

PHP-Fusion v7, first released on 11 Aug 2008 (hey... my birthday ;D), was last updated way back on 18 June 2013, that version being v7.02.07.  Since then, they've come out with newer versions, the latest being v9.  However, some of us think that the newer versions are crap.  They're bloated, they don't work as trouble-free as v7, and the only theme that I like & use (Gillette) is not available for the newer versions.

The problem, though, is that PHP-Fusion v7.2.07 was written for PHP v5 & MySQL v4.  But PHP is now up to v8, and MySQL is now also up to v8, however, PHP-Fusion v7.2.07 works with neither of them.


Patrick Kruse in Germany has updated his Chrome-Fusion (ported from PHP-Fusion 7.02.07) to v3, which is now compatible with PHP v8.

  • Patrick's HOME page (in German, so you may need to translate it)
  • Patrick's DOWNLOAD page (also in German, so you may need to translate it too)

There are 2 downloads available for each version of Chrome-Fusion:

  • a FULL download, for use only if you are installing a new Chrome-Fusion website from scratch; and
  • an UPDATE download, for use only to upgrade your existing Chrome-Fusion site

Thank you, Patrick, for your interest & dedication in keeping your Chrome-Fusion up-to-date, so it can work with the latest MySQL v8 and pretty-recent versions of PHP v8.

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