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Title: Chrome-Fusion v3.02.03 for use with PHP v8.0.x & MySQLi v8
Post by: JMM on Monday, 08 August 2022, 15:44 UTC (GMT)
Disclaimer:  It is my policy that downloads should be solely from the author's website itself, in this case Patrick Kruse's Chrome-Fusion ( site in Germany, so that he is able to keep track of the number of downloads of his software.  This page contains ONLY some English translations of his pages.  Additionally, this page might lag behind his site slightly, as he may make updates on his site that I am not yet aware of.

His latest full & update packages (as of 08 Aug 2022) contain the following changes & bug fixes :

You can download Chrome-Fusion ( directly from Patrick Kruse's official download page below:

Note that the above 2 download pages are in German, as is his entire website.  If you don't understand German, below are English translations of the above 2 download pages, but please NOTE that to actually download either file you will need to download from the above German pages, NOT from the translated pages below:

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